Coral Frames


In the Words of Sruli Recht:

"The internet showed love at them, which made us curious to make them and discover what this partnership has become.
A preview of Sruli Recht’s upcoming Coral Frames.
Swipe in this next week to see a two part series showing how we brought these AI glasses to life.


And within this complex dance of AI prompts and intellectual ownership, one can only exist in a state of tense moral ambivalence.
Where imagination is the moment sparked by a collision of the unexpected, and creativity is a physical act, the body is the slaving conduit bridging these 2 states. Tying that reckless room together.
For one is immediate and affordable, and the other is temporal and costly.

It was a year ago that I and the machine made these. And in that year the internet liked them several times over. In that period they have pushed through the conduit and into this world.
I’ve documented the process. Here is 2 steps in executing reality - copper oxidation and lens placement. Both uncharacteristically out of synch… because it’s 2 separate frames.

And so, coming soon, mineral accretion and the ever fateful user test."


Atelier Sruli Recht


Design, Human Factors, Modeling



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